Birth and early life

birth certificate

This is my birth certificate. It says that I was born in Hornsea with mother Rosemary Worsfold and father Roy Adrian Worsfold on 20 April 1959. I was born at home in the house and was the second child. I lived there until 1964 when I was nearly 5. My only memory is riding a tricycle. I have a very poor memory. I started school in Hull at Cavendish School, Sutton-Ings, and I have a few more memories of there (including deciding to walk home on the very first day soon after arriving! I remember the surprise of the lollipop lady), and then went to Neasden Junior High when 11 (I had the option of waiting until 13 due to school structure changes) and then Bransholme High for 7 weeks and Malet Lambert afterwards.