Life Art

This is a painting inspired by the artistry of Sarah Small's music and display Tableau Vivant of The Delirium Constructions (Reminder: Full frontal and exposed.) Continue or scroll down to see the progress of this, shown in three stages.

It starts below with a coloured drawing and the use of negative under-painting colours. So the colours are (usually) opposite on the colour wheel to what is coming, warming up the sky and providing background to the flesh if and when the blue shows through. The image is 1500 by 1200 pixels shown much reduced.

Then comes a nearly finished painting with a background setting. The waterfall was a later decision; it is quite right to paint a waterfall and river on a near-black background. In fact, the black was extended upwards to provide depth behind the background trees. The image is 1560 by 1200 and is shown at 37.5%.

Four Near a Waterfall was completed late on May 31st 2018 in acrylic and touches of white gouache on a larger canvas. The image is 1560 by 1200 and is shown at 37.5%. Notice the additional detail, but the overall colouring variation owes more to the photography and editing than changes to the painting.

Below is the image at full size in order to see the detail.


Adrian Worsfold